Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Birthdays, Christmas Parties and Some Finger Slicing

Sorry no pictures on this post but I've been a serious slacker on blogging lately so I'll give a brief update of what we've been up to this christmas season.

My boys have had fun at the several christmas parties we have attended; Bullards, Resslers, Ward, etc. Although not one of our parties did brought Santa this year which was really disappointing now that my oldest is finally at an age where he actually cares. Last year all three parties did and this year none. So whoever reads this and attends one of those three parties, please put in a request to bring Santa back.

Christmas was a big hit as well. I really don't want my boys to grow up and realize that a 1 dollar slinky is not only lame but also that Santa is cheap. We were even able to spend a few days up at the cabin...but it wasn't nearly long enough.

Cameron is off of school for a couple of weeks and we LOVE having him home! His birthday was a couple of weeks ago and Max decided to get his Dad a very special birthday gift......a trip to the E.R. While Cameron and I were finishing getting ready for church the boys were eating granola bars. Max got up on the table grabbed the scissors and started cutting his granola bar. Apparently he couldn't eat the whole thing so he wanted to make it smaller. Logical enough, only he's two years and cut his pinky finger along with it. Cameron came in to a screaming Max in a pool of blood. He was still trying to eat his granola bar so it took Cameron a while to find where the blood was coming from. Once we saw the cut we knew it needed stitches so we headed to Weecare. They couldn't do anything for us and sent us to the E.R. Max hadn't cried since Cameron came in the room and found him but you could tell he was hurting so Cameron pulled out his fly fishing book and we started naming fish. The fish Black Crappie was a big hit. Go figure.

In the hospital room Cameron made the boys ballons with those latex gloves (that aren't latex anymore). When the doctor came in Brigham went right up to him, held out his ballon and asked "Do you want to hold my hand?" I think it was about the funniest thing I've ever heard and me and Cameron were rolling. The doctor thought it was pretty clever as well. It came from out of no where and you could tell by the smile on his face that laughter is exactly what Brigham wanted out of the comment.

Max's pinky has recovered quite nicely but I have a feeling that will not be the only time he takes us to the E.R. Just tonight he touched his thumb to a pan on the stove just to see if it was was.

Alright so I think that's it, if you've made it to the end of this post I am very impressed. It must mean you really like us....or you are really bored!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


my newest little nephew Jaxton (but not so little, he was born 8lbs 11oz)


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Does anyone else think it's a little sketch that our president elect is coming from a state where the past two governors have been sent to jail because of federal corruption? I know I know, Barak Obama has nothing to do with it but I have to admit it makes me a little nervous.

Check it out here...

ps. No I'm not a Obama hater....just skeptical.