Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The River Trip

So since I was 3 years old my family has done an annual trip to the South Fork of the Boise River. It started out with my family and our good friends the Christensens. It has always been my favorite trip of the year. We go up Thursday night and stay in a motel while the boys sleep on the bank of the river and wake up early to load the rafts. This trip has expanded a little over the years and this year we had 38 people. So if you can imagine 8 rafts full of food, sleeping bags, tents, more food and anything else you can imagine. It's quite the production. Anyway the girls bring up breakfast and we eat and then take off. We float the first half of the river on Friday and set up camp that night. On Saturday we float the second half of the river drive back to the beginning and float the first half back to camp. Sunday is a day spent at camp and it has turned into a day of very competitive volleyball tournament followed by a very spiritual sacrament meeting. How the two go hand in hand I'll never know but it is always great. And I know some of you are wondering how we are able to play volleyball in a camp site located on the bank of a river in a canyon..... well it started with my uncle bringing a volleyball one year and over the years we have cleared out a relatively nice court and bring a net. The best part of volleyball is seeing the faces of others as they float by in a raft. It is the last thing the expect to see. On Monday we pack up and float out and it is always too soon. The River Trip has the best food I eat all year. Each meal done in the dutch oven. Cliff diving and a ghetto zip line is also an essential part of the trip. The whitewater is great, the fishing is great and just being with everyone is even better. After 21 years of going on the river trip I never get tired of it. We were able to leave our kids with Cameron's parents this year and we had a blast. I hope we will be able to continue the tradition for 21 more years!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July

The boys had so much fun watching the fireworks and the parade. Papa Gregg and Grandma Cheryl aslo took us to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat. It was also a big hit with the boys. We had a really fun 4th!

Lightning McQueen

Brigham had a blast on his birthday! About a week before we would catch him singing "Happy Birday to Bridam". We had a fun water party then had a bbq with family and then of course presents. Between both of his grandma's he is so spoiled. He got a new scooter and a slide but the gifts he loved the most......his 3.50$ Disney Cars characters. Brigham now has a total of 8 different McQueen cars. Does anyone else find this a little troubling? The boy is obsessed. Each McQueen has a different name and as soon as he wakes up he makes sure all of his McQueens are lined up and in place. If he leaves one at Grandma's house it might be the end of the world, especially if it is "new" Mcqueen. You would think with 7 others that he could move on but we don't stop hearing about it being gone until it is back in his hands.

Oh and we are the worst parents in the world and didn't take any pictures of Brigham's birthday. Luckily Grandma Dean did, but of all days to forget the camera!