Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I am a MOOCH!

So it is official....I am a mooch! I've always known I had some in me. Dropping by my mom's for some bottled peaches and jam every once in a while, not having any food in our house so we stop by the parents to grab something to eat. Those are little things, right? But yesterday I had a light bulb moment, it was much worse than I thought. My sister Melissa and I were talking about my brother Kenny's birthday celebration and we got so excited because it's a free dinner at the Mandarin. I am fully admitting that I look months in advance for the next occasion that my family will be going out to eat and schedule it in, making sure I don't miss it. Maybe it's because we are so poor right now that we don't get to eat out much. It was so sad to see how giddy Melissa and I were about it being Kenny's birthday so We could eat out. Notice something wrong with that.....we aren't thinking about Kenny we are thinking about ourselves. It gets worse too because when we realized it was Anna's graduation on Friday we got even more excited. TWO free dinners in one week! (Which also means two nights I don't have to cook.) Are we going to Anna's graduation.....of course not, but you can bet we will be there for the dinner after.

Is the fact that I now realize I am a mooch going to change anything? Probably not. I guess that free dinner really makes up for any shame I feel about it. So to my parents I say sorry that I am a mooch, but I am what I am. And tonight I will savor every bite of the most delicious Chinese food and on Friday I will do the same!

Happy Birthday Kenny! And Congratulations Anna! Thank you for providing me with TWO FREE DINNERS!!! Next week Valek's Birthday. Don't let me down bud.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


We went to the Zoo this week and it was quite the adventure. Brigham and Max were both very excited about the animals. It was the first time I've ever been to the Zoo with all of the animals being active and available to see. Brigham's highlight of the trip was the Zebra. He couldn't wait to see Marty. (Zebra disney charachter on "Madagascar") We weren't able to find Alex the lion but the "Happy Feet" animals were a big hit.

"Happy Feet"

SIDE NOTE: I felt like Cameron and I were pretty good about restraining Brigham's TV watching to a minimum, but was quickly put in my place while he tried to relate every animal to some sort of cartoon. Some of the cartoons he mentioned he's never even seen. Oh well, what can you do?

On our way out Brigham saw the train and he was able to squeeze $1.50 out of his Dad to ride the train. Funny how after knowing Cameron for 8 years I can't get him to budge yet would give Brigham $100 just for looking at him the right way.

Anyway we all enjoyed Cameron's week off and it will be hard to let him return to school on Monday.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

3 years of Marriage and a Bachelor's Degree!

We just celebrated our three year anniversary. One year used to seem so long yet three years and two kids later I feel like time has flown by. Cameron also graduated on Friday. He graduated with the highest GPA in his department and got a special award. We are all so proud of him! Only a week off of school though and then he starts PT school on May 14Th.

This last week we spent house sitting for my parents. I thought taking care of two young kids was hard but teenagers are much worse. Five teenagers just shouldn't be allowed to live in the same house. Does anyone know how to prevent their kids from ever being teens? I have so much more gratitude towards my parents now that I have my own children.

Max and Brigham are both growing so much every day. Max has mastered the art of pulling himself up to anything and walking around the furniture. He'll be walking any day. Brigham says at least five new words each day. Today Cameron was getting ready for church and Brigham said "Need shirt on Dad." Kids are so fun.