Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I hate Grocery Shopping!

I really do hate grocery shopping. Is that weird? I dread it. Every time I start seeing us getting low on an essential item; like milk I start getting anxious.

Here are some reasons I thought of that may have to do with my hate for grocery shopping:

  1. Having to take my two sons with me who will most likely be throwing a tantrum at any moment.
  2. Having to search for a cart that has the little car on front so that I don't have to pile food on top of Brigham as he sits in the back.
  3. Having to walk by all the yummy food and forcing myself to say no.
  4. Giving in to the yummy food and then having to explain to Cameron why I bought those dang sugar cookies with an inch of frosting on the top.
  5. Eating the sugar cookies and watching that inch of frosting go right on the side of my thighs.
  6. Wanting to buy the good brand because sometimes it really does taste better than the store brand but not being able to justify spending more, even if it is only 3 cents (exception on this is ice's not worth buying unless its the good stuff, right Darci?)
  7. Knowing that with all that I am buying I will have nothing to make dinner with.
  8. Going through the checkout feeling guilty because the guy behind me with two items doesn't know I'm about to split my food up into three different orders (Family food, WIC, and YW stuff)
  9. Bringing the cart back even though I really don't want to.
  10. Bringing the groceries in and putting them away.
  11. Getting home and realizing all the things I forgot, despite my list.

Who Knew?

Alright so I promise I'm done with changing my blog layout. I saw everyone else getting all these cute layouts so I've spent some time (way too much time) trying to find the perfect layout. Some were cute but didn't work well, others were cheesy, and the girly layouts Cameron wouldn't tolerate. Who knew I'd make it back around to a simple boring layout and be perfectly content. It's all in the posts.....right?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Go Rebels!

So we spent the last week in St. George watching Anna play volleyball for Dixie State. It was so much fun down there and the weather was perfect. Brigham was in heaven because he was able to wear summer clothes everyday and we had very little conflict (except for the one day it was cooler). The boys loved swimming and running with Mom and Dad to the park. They loved spending time with Grandma Dean too.

It was so great to watch Anna play volleyball. I know I'm prejudice but my sister is amazing. She is a freshman yet she controls her team. She is such a leader in everything she does, it really is fun to see her grow up and really blossom in her personality. I wish I had her competitive edge. We love you Anna and we had so much fun with you this last week!