Friday, April 10, 2009

Marley and Me Trauma...

We watched "Marley and Me" as a Family tonight. We thought it would be fun for the boys to see it since they love my Dad's dog, Sioux. I had seen it before and bawled the last 20 minutes. Anyone that has loved a dog before has to cry at the end of that show, it's just sad. And it doesn't help that the dog I grew up with was a yellow lab as well. So yes I knew the ending, but every time Brigham saw a commercial for the show he would just laugh. Well let's just stop justifying and get to the point, my 3 yr. old bawled the last 20 minutes of the show. Seriously, it was the sweetest and hardest thing I have ever had to watch. Who does that to their 3 year old? And I really shouldn't be surprised. I know my child, I know how high strung and super thoughtful and sensitive he is. I guess I just didn't realize how old he really is. I didn't think he would really grasp the concept of death. When my Grandma died a couple of months ago we had several talks with Brigham about death and the resurrection. Sure he could repeat what we had just told him but didn't feel like he could grasp that whole thing yet. Well apparently he can and he did. Maybe it hit too close to home because of his love for Sioux. The worst part is, is that its not like we turned off the movie and all was forgotten, like we as adults tend to do. He continued to cry several different times as the night wore on. And his bedtime prayers were practically dedicated to Marley, and yes he cried as he prayed. But it really isn't all sad. He reminded us that Marley went to heaven and will come back alive when Jesus comes again. And even though we will miss Marley we will see him again.

# 1 on my to-do list -teach my children the importance of Easter Sunday before Easter.....check.

Cameron caught these with his cell phone. The boys and their Marley (Sioux).