Saturday, August 25, 2007

My boys are growing up!

Today was a very sad day. It shouldn't have been though, I should be jumping for joy right now feeling very accomplished that I was able to achieve what I have been dreading for months. I took Brigham's binki away tonight and Max's bottle. Brigham only gets his binki when he takes a nap or goes to bed at night and Max only takes a bottle when he goes to bed at night so it was not like they couldn't function without these, but I wondered if they would be able to sleep without them. So I decided they would go "cold turkey" tonight, and guess what they are both sleeping safe and sound in their beds with very little opposition. So will somebody tell me why three hours later I am still feeling like an awful mother for doing this? I think dentists and pediatricians would be patting me on the back but I could care less.

I reasoned with Brigham telling him that we didn't have a binki to sleep with tonight and he looked up at me looking very puppy dogish (yes that's a word) and said "we find bink later Mom?" I told him no and said we had no more binkis for Brigham. He didn't put up a fight even though I could see the disappointment in his eyes. I think him being so good about it, even though he may not understand why, made me want to go back in his room and give it to him.

And then Max, obviously there is no reasoning with him at this age but he has been taking naps without the bottle for a while and I thought I might as well make a night of it and take it away. He cried for about 10 minutes in his crib and then fell asleep. Not bad, considering he usually cries for that long when I put him down for a nap during the day.

I guess what it boils down to is the fact that I can't stand the thought that they may be growing up.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Island Park

We had so much fun this last week in Island Park with family. Mike, Andrea and their to adorable kids are in town from Iowa and we were able to spend a few days with them. We had a great time.

Our little Max turned 1 up there and I think he had a great time with the new toys Grandma Ardene got him. But I have to admit that all the other kids enjoyed them just as much. Thanks to both of Max's Grandmas, we can feel their love so much.

The cabin is quite cozy when you get all of my family together there at one time, and because the family is going to continue to grow in size my parents are building a much larger cabin in Ashton to accommodate everyone. I have mixed feelings about the transition. I have grown up going to our cabin and I love it. There is just something special about it and the memories that we have there are priceless. At the same time when trying to put 5 babies down at night and no where to put them it becomes quite difficult and frustrating. I think I will love the new cabin but will really miss our cabin now. It will be bitter-sweet. The new cabin is scheduled to be done by Thanksgiving so I am assuming that may be the last time we go up to our cabin as an entire
family, how sad.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Semester 1 of PT School Complete

Cameron has completed his first semester of PT school and he did it with flying colors. He did very well in all of his classes and still had time to spare for his family. Cameron has got an incredible gift of being able to balance and prioritize life. Nonetheless we are very excited for these next two weeks he has off. We will be spending a week up in Island Park at my parents cabin.