Thursday, December 6, 2007


I don't know if this is sacrilegious or not but I thought it was so cute that I had to post it. We were in tithing settlement just the other day and in the Bishop's office there are several pictures of Christ. Brigham was talking about all of them and then he got to this one with Christ in the Americas. He said "That's Jesus, he's blessing them that they can go swimming." I guess they do look like they all have towels around them, ready to take a dip. Do you see it?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Have you ever wondered what strep throat looks like?

We know at our house....first Max, then me and next in line was Brigham. I'm sure Cameron is not far behind.

Max has been sick for the last 2 weeks and even though I knew he had more than just the common cold the doctors wouldn't believe it until I came down with strep....hello! Just a note to all of you out there, your kids are never too young to get a sickness. Just like my little niece Mykah was "too young" to have diabetes my little Max was "too young" to get strep throat. So doctors don't know everything and Parents need to be persistent. It was a blessing that I got it because we were finally able to help Max feel better.