Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a great easter! Here are a few pictures from the family events. We couldn't get our boys to pose longer than two seconds for a picture because they were too excited about finding the eggs. Yes even Max was searching everywhere, and when it was all over he kept looking around and asking "where are you?". He is so fun right now I just can't get enough of him.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sugar Cookie Insanity

Definition of Insanity: Repeating the same thing over and over expecting a different result each time.

At least twice a year I decide that I want to make sugar cookies to go along with a certain holiday. Why do I torture myself like this? Each time I do it I get half way into it before I'm ready to give up. I always make like 100 cookies thinking that I'll make them cute and then give them away. Well my inability to be artistic and creative along with my lack of paying attention to detail is not a good combination for sugar cookies. At the conclusion of the whole ordeal I have like a million ugly cookies that I'm too embarrassed to give away and even more dishes to wash, not to mention the five hours I spend making them.

Each time I start the process I am convinced that I have learned from past experiences and that I will be better. This time I thought because we were at my parents cabin with a huge kitchen and no time limit it would be much less stressful. Cameron thinks I'm insane and I'm beginning to agree. He took pictures so he could remind me in a couple of months why I shouldn't try again.

Two positives out of all the negatives; the kids had fun making them, and at least they taste good :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No Computer = No Blogging

Ok so I really am going through computer withdraws and since I'm at my mom's again this week I thought I'd take a few minutes to post, since it has been almost a month.

Yesterday was quite the day. It was such a nice day that I thought I'd take the boys in to the Zoo. We have passes that expire soon so I thought we better get our use out of them now. Trying to conserve some money I suggested taking the Civic and then drop Cameron off at school on our way. He could take the bus home after class. Well things don't really ever turn out the way you have planned. Our car's battery died in the Zoo parking lot (about 15 minutes after another dead battery at the financial aid building on campus). Luckily our car is a stick so we don't need jumper cables. But in the Zoo we still weren't able to compression start it so we were stranded. We did enjoy the Zoo, especially because Daddy was able to join us! So eventually we did get the car to start. This because of my brother in-law Sam who is just a tiny bit stronger than Cameron and got the car moving at like 15mph before it would start. After we got it started Cameron didn't have class for another couple of hours so we went and ate at a park, all the while our car is running for an hour and a half at the top of the parking lot, just in case it dies again and we need to push it again. Ha ha, that's not ghetto is it? So we bring Cameron back to class and guess what he does....locks the keys in the car.....oh hooray! The kids by this point have spent the entire day outside and we spend another hour outside waiting for campus security to let us in. By the time they get there Cameron is out of class and we all ride home together in some terrible traffic. Yes, it was a long day! But not without the positives, a fun time at the Zoo and Park with Dad!