Sunday, January 31, 2010

A tribute to my youth....

Cameron and I were talking about the recent fad on facebook to post a picture of your celebrity look-a-like (according to others). I couldn't think of anyone I had been told I looked like until Cameron kindly reminded me of how my family used to call me Kaiya. In case you didn't remember who Kaiya is here is a little reminder.

Good thing my siblings are so loving and affectionate with all the other things they called me (nobby nose, bubble butt, man hands) or I might have a complex.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The newest member of our family...

Kota Puppy small

Josie Dakota (aka Kota) joined our family last Sunday night. Totally unexpectedly I might add.

My sister-in-law informed us late saturday night that her sister had to give the new black lab puppy they had gotten their son for Christmas away because their older daughter was absolutely terrified of her, even though she was a really good puppy. I have been saying for a long time that we were absolutely NOT getting a Dog until we were done having kids but when I heard the story suddenly it became appealing.

Cameron and I discussed it a little that night. Brigham over heard us talking about someone giving away a dog and thought that my Dad was giving away Sioux. He was sobbing in the back of the car asking why my Dad had to give away Sioux. We quickly reassured him that it was not Sioux we were talking about but seeing how much he loved Sioux was a convincing arguement, and he didn't even know he was trying to convince us. On Sunday she was brought over to my Dad's house for us to have a look. We fell in love with her right away....especially Brigham. And she came home with us that night.

The hardest part so far was seeing this 7 year old boy have to say goodbye to his puppy at my Dad's. He was just heart broken, and we felt awful for him and his family. Thank you to the Hill family for allowing us to take your precious puppy. We love her already!