Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa Lonnie!

My Dad's birthday is actually tomorrow but since I am thinking about it now and I'm sure I will forget tomorrow I will give a shout out to the best Dad / Grandpa I could ever ask for! Love you Dad!

Dad and Grandkids

See more pics here

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Max's Birthday

Last sunday was Max's birthday. He is finally 4 years old (he's been asking for months now when he would be 4).


4 things you may not know about Max

1. His eyes, I've never had anyone comment on Max without mentioning his eyes. NEVER!

2. He can do the best pouty face on command. It's really hard to get mad at him.

3. He will melt your heart in about .2 seconds.

4. He will yell at me for several minutes to get my attention just to tell me he loves me. I love you too Max!

P.S. Since I'm plastering this event everwhere else I thought I might as well do it here as well. Sorry if you are sick of hearing about it. But really you don't have to play tennis at all to attend. The exhibition match and dinner will be excellent!And it's a great way for us to honor my mom at the year mark of her passing. I hope to see you there.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Brigham Small

Crazy that 5 years ago yesterday I became a Mom for the first time. And being the terrible mom that I am I don't have any pics from Brigham's birthday yet. But I'm so glad I get to be his mom. 5 things about Brigham that I love...

1. He is so thoughtful (if I do my hair differently or put on eye shadow he always notices and tells me how pretty beautiful I look)

2. He is very anal...I like to call it particular. He definitely knows what he wants, even if it is the color of his cereal bowl in the morning.

3. He is such a good big brother. He's been so good to help with Jude and Max the last few weeks. The other day I came in to him trying to soothe Jude by bouncing him up and down.

4. He is determined. Brigham never lets anything stop him. If he wants to do something, he does it. We are happy that usually what he wants to do is not naughty.

5. He is so trusting of us. If we tell him to jump off the back porch and that he will be ok, he does it. He doesn't ever second guess us. He has so much faith that we won't let him get hurt. It's a little scary for us, we always hope we won't break it.

5 years later and now I am a mom of 3. Jude is almost 1 month old. Here are a few more pics of him. This first one is of Jude on a beautiful quilt made of my mom's clothes. I wanted this picture so badly because I feel like it represents how close My Mom has been involved with him and his life so far.
sbw copy

This picture I took for my sister Anna who sent me this little outfit from her mission. We miss her so much! She is the best Aunt!
DSC_9792 copy

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet Jude...

We couldn't be happier to finally have him here.

Born June 2nd at 12:45am

6lbs 12oz, 19.5 inches long

He came out screaming but is just as sweet as can be.

DSC_8972sm copy

DSC_8983bwsm copy

Friday, March 26, 2010

I miss white bread!

When I became a mom I decided that I wanted to fill my house full of good foods and try to not have the junk food around. Not that I deprive my kids from this food, they get plenty for holidays and from grandparents, I just thought its probably better to not keep it in the home. Not just for them but for me as well, I have little self control when something yummy is home. This chips, (besides tortilla chips), no candy, sugar cereal, etc.

White bread is something we never ever buy. And I know 100% whole wheat bread is so much healthier but sometimes I just want a piece of toast on white bread. You would think after 5 years of not having it in the house I would be over it but seriously a PB and J just doesn't taste the same when you have to actually chew the bread instead of it just dissolving in your mouth.

And all this talk lately about non processed food. I've been really trying to cut back on that as well but sometimes you just need some Cheetos even if you have no idea what the ingredients are. I don't even want to look at the ingredients of an Eggo waffle, seriously scary to think about. But if you put some fresh strawberries / raspberries on top that makes them healthy....right?

OK now I'm hungry. Maybe I'm just bitter for not being able to have all that stuff in my house. And maybe I'm bitter that for every pound I am gaining my husband is losing one. Not cool...what happened to sympathy weight? I'm blaming my complaining on the pregnancy. I only have 9 more weeks to use it as an excuse so you better believe I am using it :)

Happy eating!

Side note: Just so you don't have the wrong impression about us I must clarify that I have plenty of crap food in my house. Cookie dough, fruit snacks, ice cream, etc. I am in no way trying to say we are healthy eaters because that would be false advertising.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A tribute to my youth....

Cameron and I were talking about the recent fad on facebook to post a picture of your celebrity look-a-like (according to others). I couldn't think of anyone I had been told I looked like until Cameron kindly reminded me of how my family used to call me Kaiya. In case you didn't remember who Kaiya is here is a little reminder.

Good thing my siblings are so loving and affectionate with all the other things they called me (nobby nose, bubble butt, man hands) or I might have a complex.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The newest member of our family...

Kota Puppy small

Josie Dakota (aka Kota) joined our family last Sunday night. Totally unexpectedly I might add.

My sister-in-law informed us late saturday night that her sister had to give the new black lab puppy they had gotten their son for Christmas away because their older daughter was absolutely terrified of her, even though she was a really good puppy. I have been saying for a long time that we were absolutely NOT getting a Dog until we were done having kids but when I heard the story suddenly it became appealing.

Cameron and I discussed it a little that night. Brigham over heard us talking about someone giving away a dog and thought that my Dad was giving away Sioux. He was sobbing in the back of the car asking why my Dad had to give away Sioux. We quickly reassured him that it was not Sioux we were talking about but seeing how much he loved Sioux was a convincing arguement, and he didn't even know he was trying to convince us. On Sunday she was brought over to my Dad's house for us to have a look. We fell in love with her right away....especially Brigham. And she came home with us that night.

The hardest part so far was seeing this 7 year old boy have to say goodbye to his puppy at my Dad's. He was just heart broken, and we felt awful for him and his family. Thank you to the Hill family for allowing us to take your precious puppy. We love her already!